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For more than 70 years, Lindal Cedar Homes has pioneered warm, modern home design. Our custom homes are known worldwide for their unique style and long-lasting quality. Discover the Lindal difference today, and learn how we can help you create your dream home.


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Welcome to our newly redesigned website! Whether you’re a longtime Lindal fan or this is your first visit, we invite you to browse our many home style options, find a Lindal representative in your region, and start planning your Lindal dream home today.

the Lindal Difference

Building your dream home is a major investment. And today, more than ever, not all homes are created equal. As you look around you’ll find wide disparities in the quality of design and building materials-even among high-end homes. Take a closer look at the Lindal Difference-and discover what a difference it can make to you.

The Lindal Difference

the proven Process

Bringing a dream home to life takes careful planning, knowledge, coordination and attention to detail which is why our experts will guide you through the process of designing and constructing your home, from planning and financing to ordering, delivery, and beyond.

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our popular Home Styles

At Lindal Cedar Homes, we take pride in offering homes in every style imaginable. Our standard designs range from classic and traditional to contemporary and modern, and we’re here to help you tailor a unique custom design to bring your vision to a beautiful, high-quality reality.

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the collection Lindal Home Designs

Click the category tiles to the left for a quick introduction to each of our Lindal home styles. See floor plans of your favorite designs on our Home Styles page . Whether your tastes are more traditional or you like to push the envelope, we have the perfect home style for you!

With unmatched support from your local independent Lindal Cedar Homes representative, you’ll be moving into your dream home in no time.

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home styles Classic Lindal Homes

Panoramic prow fronts, walls of windows, vaulted ceilings lined with Western red cedar, and attractive yet functional interior spaces all combine to create the Lindal Cedar Homes Classic line. The result is our signature: a mix of casual elegance and livability that never goes out of style.

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home styles Modern Lindal Homes

At Lindal, we’re always finding new ways to express the best in modern residential style. Our approach to contemporary homes includes clean lines and lower-pitched roof profiles to make a strong architectural statement with flexible and highly-functional interior spaces.

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home styles Traditional Lindal Homes

Lindal Traditionals bring together the best of the past and the present with our renowned sense of style. Inspired by the rich heritage of residential architecture in North America, our traditional homes feature light-filled designs, wraparound porches, and so much more.

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home styles Small Lindal Homes

Whether you’re seeking to make the most of a small lot or experience the benefits of life in a small jewel of a Lindal, our approach to designing and building small homes is ideal. Enjoy intimate living, low maintenance and energy costs, and stylish, airy environments.

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home styles OM Studio Design

Rooted in a deep appreciation of nature, in Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic principles, and utilizing geometry as a design discipline, OM Studio Design is dedicated to enhancing life’s experience through organic design.

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home styles Lindal Elements

Lindal Elements combines a proprietary design matrix with premium precut materials to create an array of flexible modern home designs with endless personalization options. We’ll guide you through the process of designing your home to  perfectly reflect your lifestyle.

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home styles Lindal Architects Collaborative

Lindal has partnered with renowned North American architects to create a varied and extensive selection of warm, modern designs. With Lindal Architects Collaborative, you get a singular home, modified to suit your needs and lifestyle, without the price tag typically associated with hiring an architect for a custom project.

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home styles Custom Lindal Homes

Whether you’re seeking a home that’s 600 square feet or 6,000, Lindal will help bring your vision to life. We can customize any of our hundreds of existing floorplans, or start completely from scratch to ensure your custom Lindal home meets all of your requirements.

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home styles Turkel Design for Lindal

Turkel Design is recognized for creating homes of classic simplicity and enduring elegance, with clean lines and the beauty of natural materials. Our partnership enables our clients to work directly with a Turkel Design professional for the best in high-quality, contemporary design.

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our happy Lindal homeowners

While this may only be your first or second home-building project, you can take comfort in the fact that we’ve completed homes for over 50,000 clients since 1945. Plus, we’re still learning something new from every project.


Bringing a Small Home Dream to Life

Hi Barb and Doug, I just thought I would drop you a note as we sit here overlooking the lake and enjoying our Lindal lake home this long weekend.  I can’t believe that 18 months ago this was just a dream and 12 months ago we were here in a tent pounding stakes for that … Continue reading Bringing a Small Home Dream to Life »

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