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Choose a House Floor Plan Tailored to Your Needs

Today, people want housing that is tailored to their needs. That’s one reason they turn to Lindal. Lindal’s floor plans offer great flexibility. Because of our post-and-beam construction methods, it’s easy reconfigure the layout of interior walls (although preferably during the design process rather than after the home is built!). This means that you can easily change the placements of the bedrooms, bathrooms, storage areas, home office, and other rooms. Many of our floor plans contain a great room in the center of the home that features the kitchen, dining and living areas in an open floor plan. If you wish to add a separate apartment or accessory dwelling unit to your home, we can do that, too!

Modify an Existing House Floor Plan

Learn more about our design program options in our design program services blog, and how we can modify any floor plan to suit your lot and lifestyle. Until you give us the green light to ship the home, you can change the floor plan as many times as you want. Our typical production system allows for a preliminary plan and one amendment to produce the permit plans. However, we have a design track that accommodates additional work (for a fee) when required. Once we have “frozen” the design with your agreement, we put our pencils down, and the floor plan design work is complete. We recommend you browse through the floor plans and select a Lindal design – or several designs – that you like. Then, please call or email one of our experienced local Lindal dealers and ask about their services. They can check our pricing system to give you a price estimate for the home style you select. They will also tour your build site with you, and use their experience to help you map out and build your dream home, from the initial planning stages to move-in day. Our Lindal dealers have connections in the local community and are familiar with the full set of rules and restrictions that apply to residents wishing to build in your region.

Consult our FAQ pages for information on the design and build process.

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Pick Your Home Style

One of the great things about Lindal’s house floor plans is that they can be used to create just about any home style you want. Regardless of the floor plan you choose, based on the exterior siding materials and the pitch of your roof, you can build a home that looks traditional, modern, or somewhere in between. By adding or subtracting modular units, you can design a large home, small home, or something in between. The modularity of our system also makes it easy to create an addition if you need more space in the future.

Our home floor plans are designed on a grid system that runs both horizontally and vertically. This allows for many options in the placements of doors, walls, windows, and more, while ensuring  the design remains in proportions that are both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. This is especially useful when you’re building a home on a view lot and want a “wall of glass” to blur the distinction between interior and exterior spaces. Lindal’s post-and-beam system allows for the installation of banks of stacked windows that go right up to the corners of a room. The design can accommodate accordion or lift-and-slide doors that open up the interior of your home to the natural world.

Lindal Images and Copyright

All Lindal designs and images will give you ideas about how your Lindal home will look. They are protected by copyright law terms and conditions, and you may use them only to design and construct a home using Lindal’s premium building materials. Any other use, including without limitation the preparation of new plans based on Lindal’s plans, is strictly prohibited. When you decide to invest in a Lindal home, you invest in a complete package. We sell quality homes, not just floor plans. Renderings and photographs on this website may show premium upgrades available from Lindal. The scale of floor plans varies. Consult your local independent Lindal dealer for updates and pricing. All rights reserved.


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