Popular Lindal Home Styles

Enduring Warmth:
The Classic Lindal Home

Continuously field-tested and refined for over seven decades, enduring enough to carry a lifetime structural warranty, and chosen by 50,000 discerning clients. See some of the many Classic Lindal Home options.

Whether it's a Classic Lindal prow, a sustainably built green home, a fast and predictable, on-system Lindal Elements design, or an architect-designed modern residence, you've come to the right place: Lindal Cedar Homes. Browse these popular Lindal home styles, then register for Your Lindal Folder to read planbooks for free!

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Like Lindal homes themselves, this on-line Lindal Experience companion to our planning guides is an efficient and environmentally responsible delivery system for a personalized homestyle.

If you still have questions about Lindal Cedar Homes or our custom home options, you can also browse our home building FAQs.

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