Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture

Frank Lloyd Wright is America’s most revered architect. His body of work, from utilitarian Usonian houses to his homage to nature, Fallingwater, that nearly rivals nature itself… from the iconic Guggenheim Museum in New York to an unrealized design for the world’s tallest building, never fail to challenge our perception of the built form’s impact on the experience of daily life. And in the challenge, we learn to experience the environment with new eyes.

One of Wright’s most important legacies is Taliesin West, where the Wisconsin native tamed Arizona’s Sonoran Desert and with his first students built the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture over 75 years ago. Today 100,000 visitors experience Taliesin West each year. For many, it is eye-opening to experience Wright’s enormous ideas through encountering his architecture firsthand.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Lindals

Each house was designed by a faculty member and a mentored graduate student, and presents its own unique view of cohabitating with nature. The processional discovery of the built environment is accented by changes in ceiling height, changes in direction and natural lighting and views revealed slowly. The control of sunlight creates comfortable outdoor extensions to indoor living space in summer and brings soothing warmth into the deepest interior spaces in winter. Through ventilation welcomes nature as an active participant in the open communal spaces. All designs reveal the rigorous exploration of a building system as a major organizational element of daily life.

“Working with the Lindal building system convinced us that it indeed is possible to achieve great design at comparatively lower cost, still enabling careful personalization and without sacrificing quality.”

Victor Sidy, Dean

Frank Lloyd Wright Floor Plans

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