Inspired by Usonian House Plans

 “The Lindal Imagine series reflects a modern embodiment of Frank Lloyd Wright’s principles; sensitive to the attributes of Usonian design while meeting the demands of contemporary living.”

-Stuart Graff, President and CEO, The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

New home designs inspired by Wright’s Usonian house plans

The Lindal Imagine Series unites the timeless design principles of  Wright’s Usonian homes with current developments in technology, construction and design theory. The result is a harmonious synthesis—a beautiful, functional home that expresses the way people live today.

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Natural Materials and Walls of Glass.

The homes are aesthetically beautiful, modest in size yet spacious and filled with light. They are thoughtfully designed to integrate seamlessly with their surroundings, whether in a rural, urban or suburban setting. The Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired homes in the Lindal Imagine series reflects Wright’s belief that “the buildings we live in effect the kinds of people we become.”

The natural materials, open floor plans and walls of glass work together to “achieve the sense of spaciousness and vista we desire in order to liberate the people living in the house.”
-Frank Lloyd Wright

The homes were created in partnership with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and the School of Architecture at Taliesin,

6 Shared Design Principles: Usonian House Plans and the Lindal Imagine Series

1. Open Floor Plans:

Spacious, airy rooms for eating, entertaining and enjoying the view.

2. Strong Horizontal Emphasis:

Built low to the ground, with flat or gently sloped roofs; “a companion to the horizon.”

3. Integrated with Nature:

Floor-to-ceiling windows, organic materials (think wood, glass, stone and concrete), and broad roof overhangs that extend the interior beams beyond the walls of the home.

4. Filled with Light:

Large picture windows and walls of glass, bands of clerestory windows, louvres and decorative elements to filter sunlight and create an interior interplay of light and shadow.

5. Energy Efficient:

Carefully oriented on the lot to take advantage of the passive heating and cooling effects of sun and wind.

6. Flexible Floor Plans:

The modularity of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian house plans and Lindal Imagine homes—along with the grid system that dictates the graceful proportions—allows for great flexibility and customization. Add a basement, garage, or studio apartment. Change the roof pitch, or orient the house to take advantage of sun, wind, and shade. Every home can be adapted to suit the build site and the needs of the homeowner.

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