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Choose from our portfolio of luxury homes with premium quality materials and finishings. Browse our selection of architect-designed showstoppers and custom-designed, one-of-a-kind beauties. At Lindal, we offer architectural design services for far less than hiring a private architect, as well as the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can rely on Lindal’s time-tested system-built approach and 75+ years of experience to ensure that your new home meets the highest standards of beauty, quality, and comfort.

premium quality Luxury Home Designs

At Lindal, we never push our clients toward cookie-cutter home plans, and no two Lindal homes are ever exactly the same. Starting with the very first time you sit down with your independent local Lindal dealer, our goal is to help you bring your unique vision to life while meeting all of your needs. Chose a home from our Lindal Architects Collaborative, work with our architectural design professional Aris Georges of OM Studio Design to come up with a custom home design, select a home from our Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Imagine series, or choose from our existing luxury home options. At Lindal, the choice is yours.

Every aspect of our homes can be custom tailored to your preferences, from the layout of your floor plan to your materials, fixtures, accents and trims, windows and doors, and so much more. Even after your new custom Lindal is built, we can help you plan for expansion, making additions easy should your needs change in the future. With Lindal, you’ll merge your style and needs with our skill and craftsmanship to bring your vision for your custom home to a beautiful, high-quality reality.


Luxury Homes

The Lindal team and our clients have designed and built an amazing variety of luxury homes over the year. Check out our custom portfolios listed below to see outstanding examples.

Luxury Gallery

Explore our photo gallery of luxury homes below, and see examples of how we can transform virtually any vision into a stylish, high-quality reality. Lindal is your custom home building partner.

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