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Lindal Elements is a fully-developed system of parts that can be used to create an infinite array of custom-tailored designs in a modular-style approach. It’s time to forget everything you knew about modular homes. With Elements, it has never been easier to personalize a new Lindal home from the ground up in traditional or modern architectural forms.

Any Roof on Any Home

Lindal-elements-modular-homes-roof-styles     Lindal-Elements-Modular-Homes-diagram

In the above left image, note how the exact same base can support a variety of different roof styles. One of our mantras at Lindal is – “any roof on any home.” We make it easy for you to personalize your home to suit your tastes or to fit in with homes in the area. The second image, above, shows the endless choices you have when it comes to the size, quantity, and placement of doors, windows and exterior walls on an Elements system built modular home. What makes our homes modular is the way in which they can be designed in discrete units that fit together seamlessly on both the horizontal and vertical planes. It’s a proprietary system that delivers – in terms of efficiency, flexibility, beauty and durability. With a Lindal Elements homes, you get to design the home you want, at a price you can afford, modified to suit your lifestyle.

The History of the Lindal Elements Modular Home System

Originally launched as the Modern A-Frame in 2010, the Lindal Elements building system quickly became one of the hottest selling paths to a custom Lindal home. Fast, flexible, and predictable, our clients found the familiar “building block” modular homes of the Elements system to be the ideal way to design their own home, control costs and timelines with the efficient use of a fully-developed system of parts that can be combined into an infinite array of individualized designs.

Browse Our House Plan Books

Our Elements and Modern house plan books showcase many of our top-selling Elements designs. The concepts and sample designs shown in the Lindal Elements Design Portfolio plan book are the result of collaboration between architectural designer and MIT School of Architecture graduate Michael Harris and Lindal design studio managers, Scott Biles and Brett Knutson. It is their pleasure to be available to assist our international network of independent Lindal dealers and their clients create their own personalized Lindal Elements homes.

We also put together a short video that demonstrates the Elements system in action:

Taking a highly disciplined approach to the legendary Lindal building system, the Elements building module utilizes high quality Lindal materials that are fully defined and time tested. These components are selected purposefully to maximize efficiency. Their structural capabilities, optimum dimensions, production and assembly details, and prices are predefined. Lindal designers and engineers also develop new components and modern trim systems and detail them for total system compatibility.

The Benefits of Building a Lindal Elements Modular Home

The Lindal Elements building system meets the expectations of our discerning clients:

  • Varied and flexible enough to enable the creation and personalization of traditional or modern architectural forms;
  • A wide array of finish options;
  • Capable of meeting demanding climatic requirements;
  • Shipped to your site anywhere in the world efficiently as a single shipment, if desired, to dramatically reduce cost compared to the shipping of empty prefabricated modular homes;
  • Covered by the industry’s only Lifetime Structural Warranty, exclusively from Lindal Cedar Homes.

predefined for Unmatched Ease & Predictability

At Lindal, we have translated more than seven decades of building experience into creating our Elements modular home system. Each Elements component has been tailored to maximize efficiency, and their structural capabilities, dimensions, production and assembly details, and prices are all predefined. We’ve even developed new components and trim systems for total system compatibility.

EL_41359-2     Preafab_4_70670     EL_41359-1

The result is a system that is flexible enough to meet any layout needs, aesthetics, and climatic requirements while offering an unparalleled predictability of pricing and construction. We recognize that every client and each build site is different, so Lindal Elements makes it easy to design your personalized Lindal and receive concept plans and pricing fast. With the efficiency and customization offered by Elements, you’ll get the perfect custom modular home for you while saving time and hassle.


Elements style Any Roof, Any Plan, Your Dream

Below, you will find samples of our Lindal Elements designs showing the broad range of styles that are possible with this unique approach to home design.

EL_Render_Aspen_1300 EL_Render_Urban_3 EL_Render_Birch_747 EL_Render_Polaris_2568 EL_Render_Astrid_2948 EL_Render_Columbia_2836

Lindal Elements Gallery

Browse our Lindal Elements photo gallery where you will find outstanding examples of how we can offer our efficient, cost-effective Elements system to transform what’s possible with modular homes.

EL_41422-2 EL_41422-9 EL_41422-6 EL_70749-2 EL_70749-8 EL_70749-12


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