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At Lindal Cedar Homes, we could be satisfied with providing our new homeowners with the best in home design, the highest quality building materials and the industry's only lifetime structural warranty. But, we are not! We are most proud of the exceptional customer service our local independent dealer network and the corporate offices team are able to provide to each new homeowner.

Let's check in with a few Lindal Homeowners to see what they have to say about their Lindal home building experience...

Great Experience

Lindal homeowners

"It's been a little over a year since Sandra and I finished our Lindal Cedar Home. It looks great and we have really enjoyed spending time there. It was the right decision and Majestic Peaks did a fabulous job. It was a truly great experience from start to finish. We recommend Brent and Stephanie from Majestic Peaks and Lindal Cedar Homes to anyone looking to build. The quality was excellent and the folks were great."
John and Sandra Harden, Montrose, Colorado


Lindal homeowners

"It was a very exciting experience watching our Lindal home being built. It was so easy from the initial design process to the delivery of materials right through construction... The end product was exactly how we had envisioned it. Lindal Cedar Homes and my dealer truly made our dream a reality."
–Ray and Karla Houghton, British Columbia

Walking on water

Lindal homeowners

"We are aware that homes of this quality do not just happen but are the result of many years of hard work and experience by your company, the Lindal dealer and our builder. There are so many horror stories going around about building a home in Northern Michigan, and for good reason. But with Lindal, our experience was great. We would like to let you know that your Lindal dealer, Harry Tomaszewski "walks on water."
–Barry and Sandy Anderson, Michigan

A lifelong dream

Lindal homeowners

"I remember as a boy of 12 years old being up at our summer home in central Wisconsin and reading a Popular Mechanics magazine with a Lindal home advertisement. We [kids] really liked the design when compared to the standard "lakehouse" architecture of the Midwest. Unfortunately, we could never talk our parents into building a Lindal... In the 1990's, I had the opportunity to buy a lot in Aspen. After doing this, I interviewed the promininent local architects and builders and determined that I could not get the flexibility in building that I required, the material and quality control. I, of course, got all of these things with Lindal."
–Tom Anderson, vacation homeowner in Colorado

Stamp of approval

Lindal cedar home

"It is difficult to pinpoint what we like best about our chalet. Perhaps it is the unique design, followed secondly by its quality of materials and worksmanship. It is not difficult to understand that we are ecstatic in our endorsement of Lindal and its Fernie dealer, River City Mountain Homes."
–Dianne O'Neill, British Columbia

Builders agree

Lindal home owner

"Our contractor [Michael Boyack] was amusingly skeptical when we first told him our decision to build a Lindal... [He] became very respectful after working with the Lindal materials. He said this job had far less waste than most home construction—due to the accurate provision of materials... he had not seen wood approaching the quality of the Lindal exterior and interior cedar, or of the window and door jambs, for many years in this part of the world. Our two lead framers and master carpenters were as happy as Michelangelo might have been with a fine chunk of the best available marble. They enthused about the quality of the wood, and assembled one beauty of a house, with great pride and joy."
–Bob and Sally Young, California

Weathering a storm

More often than not, our homeowners contact Lindal years after their home was built to share the story of a recent storm.

Lindal homeowners

"Now that we have lived in our Lindal for a full year, we've come to appreciate it more and more. We had a severe test of the house's integrity in the fierce winter El Nino storms... Our house did slightly "vibrate" when the winds clocked upwards of 80 knots... inside all was snug. We did not have even one drop of water come through any of the windows, and no leakage whatsoever."
–Bob and Sally Young, California

And a hurricane

Lindal cedar home

"We own a nursery in South Florida and the main building and our home is a Lindal. When the nursery took a hit, we lost almost 20% of the plants. We lost all the coverings to our greenhouse structures and three structures are bent.

The Lindal is a champ. Not even a pot moved on the suspended pot rack. We could seldom even hear the wind blowing. I do not want to go through a Catagory 5 hurricane in any structure, but I will take my chances in a Lindal rather than get caught in a huge traffic jam trying to escape.

It is hard to compare just what a Lindal costs as compared to regular construction, but I will tell you when you are in the middle of a hurricane, that little bit extra it may cost is worth it. After five years, the only things that have turned out to be unsatisfactory in our Lindal have been the items we purchased locally."
–Bruce Pearson, Florida

Conserving Energy

Lindal homeowners

"With a Solid Cedar home, the 4"x8" wood timber wall is its own insulation. It is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Even when it's cold and windy outside, you get a wonderfully warm, cozy feeling inside. We've never felt a draft. Our heating bill is about half the price you'd expect for a home of this size."
–Colleen & Larry Kling, Idaho

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Still not enough? Your local Lindal dealer can answer any questions you may have. Our dealers dedicate themsleves to helping you navigate the home building process, holding your hand each step of the way and making sure you understand every decision during the custom home building process.

Inspired to start planning your own Lindal cedar home? Start with learning more about the steps to the home building process, or browse inspiring photographs of Lindal homes in many architectural styles, or search through the online sampling of more than 80 favorite Lindal floor plans, all of which can be customized to your liking.

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